Fintech + Media = INCIR


INCIR was founded in 2017, developed the payment application
"INCIR WALLET," the FinTech IC "INCIR CARD," and the media platform
"INCIR HOME" to expand new business platform in Japan and global, mainly asia.

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Mar 2017

Capital Stock
Capital Reserve

118,525,000 JPY
113,525,000 JPY


301 THE WORKS ANNEX, 3-17-9 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0042 Japan Map
tel: +81 3 4405 5235


President & Chief Executive Officer: Kazuyoshi Tomiyasu
Chairman of the Board: Toshiya Yokochi

Main Bank

Resona Bank

Management Team

Chairman of INCIR

Toshiya Yokochi

Mr. Yokochi worked as the project manager for the multiple new projects at Nifty Corp. He was inaugurated as Japan regional marketing chairman of “SD association.”After that, he worked as the senior manager of mobile business in transcosmos inc. He founded Mirumo in October 2007, then in June 2013, he founded Gooute in Singapore and assumed the position of CEO.

Representative Director

Kazuyoshi Tomiyasu

Mr. Tomiyasu joined Nifty Corp, which is the major Japanese ISP, he was assigned to Mr. Yokochi’s project and experienced various new business launches with him.
He joined in Gooute Pte., Ltd. in June 2013, and founded INCIR Inc., the spin-off business of Gooute Pte Ltd in March 2017, and assumed the position of INCIR Inc’s Representative Director.


Mizuho Mori

Ms. Mori joined Nifty Corp. in 1999.  She has been assigned to Mr. Yokochi’s project in 2000, and engaged as the leader in the planning and marketing of various new businesses. She joined Gooute Pte., Ltd. in June 2013, and became the Representative Director of Gooute Japan Corp. in April 2017, and now she is responsible for INCIR Corp.’s management and service business, both within and outside Japan.


Shigeki Saitoh

Mr. Saito joined NTT in the first year when it was privatized from the government in 1985. He became the MBA holder from MIT with major in management. He joined Netscape Communications USA, then he was assigned as Representative Director/COO in Digital Garage Inc. He used to be the professor at Digital Hollywood University graduate school in 2004 t 2011. Currently, he is the Representative Director and CEO of SIP Corp.

Technical Advisor

Masahito Kawamori

Mr. Kawamori is the Specially Appointed Professor of Media and Governance in Keio University Graduate School. He has been a chairman of ITU - TIPTV - GSI since 2009.Also he is engaged in the construction of infrastructure for interoperability as well as web platform tests with W3C. He will proceed with industry-academia collaboration with Keio University and INCIR Inc. on the HTML5 platform and mobile certification standards.

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